Friday, 10 July 2009

It's the final countdown... 44

What ho all

The final countdown has begun, or rather, I've started counting again since I lost count, whichever you choose to be more appropriate.

This countdown signifies the 23rd August, the date which, hopefully and weather-permitting, will be the day that I finally take to the skies on my own, as pilot-in-command. I've been waiting for this day for many years, 10 to be precise, so hopefully all will go well.

However, there are a list of things that could go wrong:
1. Weather; low cloud, rain, winds in excess of a certain speed, gusting winds, lightning warnings.
2. Airfield closure; due to an accident
3. Sterilised; the airfield may not be active due to many factors, including temporary airspace for the Queens Flight for example.
4. Human factors; I may be too nervous, thus lack of confidence and concentration, perhaps spurred by an earlier event.
5. Lack of gliders; there may be no gliders available on this day due to good, soarable weather conditions and K13/21s being soared.
6. Cable Break; the winch cables may have suffered a catastrophic break somewhere, resulting in the closure of a winch op.
7. All of these come together, to create officially the worlds largest balls-up in a single day of flying...

But none of that's going to happen, it's all going to be plain sailing.. or plane sailing ;)

Minky Dish Cloth:
Over and out.

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