Thursday, 9 July 2009

July Oh Nine

What ho all

Someone special has reminded me that I had signed upto this Blogspot account, so I thought that I should write a new blog. Not entirely sure what to write, but most of all at the moment, it's the start of the summer, we're all free, but perhaps the concept of freedom is perhaps more deceptive than we may imagine.

One of the wonders of school life is that you go in on a Monday at 8-30 and come home on a Friday at 2-30. These six hours may be the most boring and pointless six hours when you're actually there, and contemplating the next school week, but in reality, and I only noticed this once I'd left, that the school week is the most rewarding period in your life so far.

Throughout my past 12 years in schools, I've met literally hundreds of great people, many have become good friends, but only a very small few have become very close friends. These people to me pass through my thoughts every day, without fail. If I'm honest, I cannot actually think of a day where I haven't thought about them, whether I'm waking up, having lunch, out somewhere or going to sleep. They're constantly in the back of my mind, probably because they're also in my heart.

I was lucky enough to see these people everyday at school, but now I see them a lot less due to school ending, a this period of "freedom" that we've been blessed with.

So I leave you with this note, yes Every Rose Has It's Thorns, but with a few roses, you simply don't care about the thorns.

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