Saturday, 8 August 2009

Chug Chug

I've learnt to drive the John Deere tractor at Lasham, to mow the grass with. Now, I need to memorise the checklists for the JD6230, so I thought I'd do it here, mainly because I don't have any spare paper about or even a semi-non-dried-out pen. -.-

1. Open door and climb up into the cab
2. Put the key into the ignition and turn on the electrics
3. Move the clutch selector to N
4. Move the gearbox selectors to P and N respectively
5. Ensure the blade box knob has been pushed
6. Check there are no warning lights on the display
7. Bring the hand throttle right back to idle
8. Turn the key to start the engine
9. Allow the engine to tick over for a while to warm up
Whilst waiting for this:
10. Close the door
11. Adjust airflow settings on the right hand panel
12. Turn on the rotating beacon
13. Turn on lights as required/desired
14. Adjust windows
15. Ensure mower latch rope is on the cab hook
16. Place gearbox selectors into A-1
17. Lower steering column
18. Press clutch and flick clutch selector to forward/reverse
19. Depress clutch

And that's just to make it move...

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