Thursday, 13 August 2009

Nationals Standard & Open Class, Regionals 09

Today has been another busy busy day at Lasham, running around the place helping to keep the Comps running as smoothly as possible. This morning, as all mornings I woke up, had a shower and had a little bit of time to myself at home before cycling to the airfield. About 13 minutes after leaving home I've arrived at the airfield, and my first task is to find 570 in the Regionals grid. This is the glider I'm crewing for during the comps, which means assisting the launch and landing, plus hangarage and retrieve. This would be a job on it's own, however it conflicts with my other jobs. Usually I cover about 5 miles on my bike, just cycling around the airfield transporting parts or items before the grid launches.
The Nationals launch first from the tarmac, then the Regionals are launched. Today I agreed to act as launch crew for two other gliders, which, is fine when they're spaced out in the grid, but not inline. This does make it difficult to be in the right place at the right time when things are happening so fast...
I launched Duo JTU, then went back for Duo 570, launched them and then was let of DG 776 as he had re-crewed. The rest of the Regionals were gone in moments, so I cycled back over to the clubhouse to aquire a drink. From then (about 1300) until 1650, I did various other jobs, including getting the Turbo Pickup Truck for traffic control later. At about 1700 the first inbound radioed in calling "Motorway", so the finish line (control, finish and traffic control (me)) sprung into action. I took the Turbo across the runway to block off the southern entrance, which is where I then am positioned until the last glider comes in, usually about 2-2 1/2 hours. This can be a long 2 hours, when all you have to entertain yourself is counting the "clicks" of the hazard lights flashing and watching the clouds.
Soon enough, the finish line closed down, so I opened up the taxiway again and took the Turbo back to the M/t.H.
Had some lovely supper in the clubhouse then cycled home. Now I must go, as I've lost interest in this post lol

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