Friday, 28 August 2009

Ooo AC

After this week, we have a further two more whole weeks and then a half week before we start our first "new" term at Alton. Yesterday we were given our GCSE results, and amid the butterflies, the fear and aprehension, not only during the exam-period but recieving our brown envelopes, Britain is at a new all-time high with the highest percentage of students acheiving an A-C grade.
To help mentally prepare myself before my results, I would go through each subject and try to realistically predict what I thought I had acheived, looking at the whole course. This encouraged me to feel confident about my results, my only fear being my German grade. I was honestly expecting a D grade, possibly even a C for my German, which, over the past five years I've coped well with and enjoyed in certain areas, but getting the accuracy was always my weak point, whether it was just word-order or German punctuation. However, I was so pleasantly surprised when I looked at the OCR Certificate and saw a letter "B" published by the word "German". Infact, the only disappointments for me were the ICT/Ethics & Philosophy, both which were B's and neither I'm going on to take at Alton but I would have liked an A in atleast one of them. The other dissapointment was Engineering, I was hoping for A*A* and had acheived 294/300 for coursework, but the exam retake was at a B level after a C the first time, and the coursework had been moderated-down by 16 marks for the second unit, which is what probably made the difference between A*A and A*A*...

Hmm I've become side-tracked by GCSE results, when I wanted to talk about Alton... and Ive run out of time... dammit lol

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