Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My path crosses a biscuit

Well it seems that my life has come to the end of this particular a seemingly blank path, which I've been wombling along for a month or so with no idea really what's ahead. It has been pretty much blank, until about a week ago.
When I was at the airfield, after an evening of flying and a pretty hectic hangar packing session, I dragged myself windblown, cold and hungry through the clubhouse with two parachutes on my back, the metal buckles clattering away as they do, suddenly I felt the weight from the 'chutes disappear, the hunger disappear as did the coldness. Infact I slightly felt warmer, I noticed that I walked past an individual who was looking straight back at me in the eyes. That evening, after leaving to cycle home, I observed from out on the 'field in the pitch dark blackness, looking back into the warm and homely clubhouse that she was looking back out into the darkness where I was parked. It's possible she could see my highlyvi on the front of my bike and blue strobe. I cycled home that night on a high...

I returned to the airfield the next evening to "officially log up some flight times" where she was again. In the past week or so, quite literally every time I've found her, she's looking back into my eyes as I look into hers, trying to figure out exactly what I feel. Our first proper communication today was intriguing, although I know more than I've told anyone, perhaps I should say.

On thing I do know, she's as sweet as a biscuit.

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